Hermes Soto: "We can not continue on the wrong path of lies and abuse of power" | National


The director general of Carabineros, Hermes Soto, communicated with the whole body uniformed by videoconference to address the current crisis that the institution is going through.

In an official statement, the general presents that he will address "the last events in which certain members of our ranks were involved, which has done tremendous damage to our image and forced the speaker to drastic and painful administrative measures"

In clear reference to Case of Catrillanca, Soto emphasizes that "the origin of social questioning is based on a gross lie, who pretend to hide presumed flaws from a routine police procedure, becomes an escalation of errors very difficult to explain to the public. "

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According to Soto, this crisis "can only be happy for those who systematically use the media and social networks to revolutionize our profession, because it represents the social order ".

"There are people, inhabitants of this country, who fundamental institutions. And for them, with that kind of action, we're giving them reasons to fulfill their obscure goals, "he said.

The general pointed out that "as professionals we are, we can not continue on the wrong path of lying, the abuse of power, the unnecessary use of force and less the indiscriminate use of weapons. "

"That is what serves the law, the rule of law, the regulatory framework of our faculties and duties. It is very easy and light to say that "our faculties are being reduced." It's not like this. No one can say to them better than the law, when they can stop, when they can use force and when they can use the weapons that the state gives them, to give effectiveness to the law, "he said.

In addition, he noted that "we are professional, hierarchical and disciplined, we are an organ of the State of Chile, We are not independent or independent. I call you not to be confused with these concepts. The Carabineros of Chile, we are subject to all the constitutional and legal provisions that regulate the operation of the State ".

"We need to correct the course. The country has changed, society has changed and we, as an organ of the State, must adapt to these changes. Today, the demands are greater, social control is more severe and before them we must give assertive answers, "he added.

Finally, Soto pointed out that "the institution was wounded in one of its essential pillars: in credibility before society. And it has been precisely for the performance of some of our people. "

"Carabineros are good men and women by essence; not because the Constitution or the laws demand it, but because we are born from within. Because it is the path we have chosen, and there are, to demonstrate, the heroic actions of more than a thousand martyrs, "he concluded.

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