Heidenheim (2) Vs. Bayer Leverkusen (1) | Charles Aránguiz was eliminated from the German Cup by a Bundesliga team 2


The Chilean team fell to Heidenheim, box of the second category German, and was eliminated of Glass of Germany.

This Tuesday Bayer Leverkusen, Chilean team's Charles Aránguiz, suffered an unexpected setback in the German Cup.

The "Prince" team, who played as a starter and was replaced in the rebates, fell 2-1 against Heidenheim, team of the Bundesliga 2, and was eliminated in the round of 16 of the competition.

The aspirin box opened the count at 44-39 with Julian Brandt, who set the class after a masterful pass from Aránguiz. The venue, however, could turn the scoring with goals from Nikola Dovedan (47 & 39;) and Maurice Multhaup (72 & 39;).

Now Bayer Leverkusen will have to focus on the Bundesliga (seventh with 30 points) and Europa League, where they will meet Russian Krasnodar for the 16th final.


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