Heat wave triggers sales of fans and air conditioning


The high temperatures do not diminish and force the consumers to resort to the purchase of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

At Easy, for example, sales grew 65% in January compared to the same month in 2018, while in the last 15 days the category took off 500%said Deborah Hanke, the chain's seasonal business manager.

"We had an intense sale, especially on weekends," he says.

Due to the price, fans are still the most requested product, with about 35% of the sale. "It's a simple and economical way to cool off," says Hanke.

However, portable air conditioners are exhibiting a high demand, especially those of type split, which also serve to heat, so that they can be used throughout the year.

In this line, Easy executive adds that A / C is the most efficient way to lower the temperature of a location and that these elements "are now more accessible than in the past."

Sodimac also notes an increase in sales of the ventilation and air conditioning category compared to last year, doubling compared to January 2018, says Paulina Vidal, Sodimac's business manager.

Regarding the preference of the products, Vidal explains that "little by little, customers are migrating from a traditional fan to an air cooler, and are currently evaluating the option of purchasing a portable air conditioner and even a Split."

At Enel X, demand for air conditioning products has increased in recent years, rising 35% in 2018 from the previous year. "This is partly explained by the high temperatures and partly by the existing payment facilities that now allow greater access to this type of product."

Although in addition to the heat contingency, "air conditioning systems become more necessary every day for the comfort they provide and because they are energy efficient solutions that deal with two seasons (winter and summer)."


In the case of fans, the price offer is very broad, depending on the surface you want to tackle, with options starting at $ 4,990.
Those who want to make the jump to a refrigerator, prices are around $ 29,900, but if what you are looking for is higher cooling capacity, portable air conditioners start at $ 159,990 while the Split type are around 199,990 dollars.


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