Health has had 20,000 rapid tests for HIV detection


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HIV, according to Minister of Health, Emilio Santelices, has become a public health problem of magnitude that must be resolved through detection. So yesterday, the national HIV Quick Summer Campaign 2019, which seeks to ensure that hundreds of young people who may be infected know their true health status and can begin treatment.

At the regional level, there are 20,000 rapid HIV tests, available free of charge, since the end of November the sample collection started at the service centers, with 1,097, of which eight reactive results, a result that should be confirmed by the Institute of Public Health, ISP.

The advantage of the tests is undeniable, as 15 minutes are enough to get the results. Because of this, many students gathered yesterday Forum of the University of Concepción to take the exam. During the day, which lasted from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., 400 people were consulted, 1,200 condoms were delivered and 51 were tested.

O Intendente Jorge Ulloa gave to go to the campaign, together with Seremi Health, Hector Muñoz, ensuring that what is sought is to reduce infection levels, not only having the rapid tests, but also many information and sampling centers.

"There are 79 points in the Region (see where you can take the exam. We have more than 20 thousand exams available in the Region and 5,920 in the province of Concepción (…), too, they will be informed about the forms of avoiding contagion, among them, the use of condoms for men and women. "

Meanwhile, the According to a Minsal study, the people of Héctor Muñoz said that there would be 30,000 people in the country who would be infected, but who know their situation, so that the test will determine the number by regions.

He assured that there will be fieldwork that will include, for example, clubs and beaches, in order to encourage the importance of taking the test and preventing HIV from spreading further. The procedure and result will be absolutely confidential and will have a personalized follow up.

Cecilia Soto, head of public health at Seremi de Salud, stressed that the rapid test has effectiveness of 98%. Of course, as a pregnancy test, it should be confirmed later with the Elisa HIV test.

Muñoz pointed out that HIV can not be seen as a common disease. "It is a dangerous virus, and if it is not properly monitored and treated, it will cause mortality."

Camilo Novoa, a third-year obstetrician and child care student at the University of Concepción, said that most of the consultations received were for risky sexual behavior: not using a condom and having a homosexual condition, which may be more risky due to the type of sexual relationship . .

"The educational level of people is low, they do not know, for example, that they are infected by breastfeeding, childbirth and something so simple with brushing teeth before oral sex. Brushing damages the gums and causes you to release secretions and at the time of oral sex, you can infect someone more quickly. "

According to data from the Seremi de Salud, in the Region until November 31, 2018, were 365 new cases of HIV, with a higher incidence among young people between 25 and 29 years of age.


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