Thursday , October 21 2021

Health alert at Christmas


Did you know that the day that there are more heart attacks throughout the year is Christmas? According to a recent study published by the British magazine British Medical Journal, people are at risk of suffering a heart attack by 37% on the eve of December 25.

The reasons are varied, but among those that predominates is the poor diet and the excesses attributable to the holidays at the end of the year.

Doctor J Orge Prosperi warns that Christmas is not synonymous with putting aside health and reaffirms that good habits, whether at this time or at another time of year, will help us avoid unforeseen medical events or predispose us to numerous chronic diseases such as diabetes

Prosperi says that moderation in the consumption of sauces and foods with high salt content are essential habits to maintain good health at any time of the year.

As with any type of diet, you should ensure a significant amount of protein and ensure the lowest consumption of foods containing saturated fat such as pork.

Foods that are seasoned during or after cooking with margarine should also be observed with a magnifying glass, since excess of both ingredients and butter can lead to a considerable increase in cholesterol.

Desserts are another of the delicacies that are consumed excessively this Christmas. Nuts, marzipan and chocolates are the first in a list of products with high sugar content.

Its moderate consumption is recommended and not repeated to avoid high numbers of sugar.

Also, as usual throughout the year, you should consume between six and eight glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration.

Within these habits to maintain a healthy life are also the moderation in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, products that at Christmas and New Year are frequent in all homes or parties.

Hangover is the most common side effect after ingesting a large amount of drinks translated into beer bottles and champagne glasses.

"It is alarming that in recent years the sedentary lifestyle has been acquired as a habit, which translates to the absence of physical activity … It would not be surprising if a patient with a history of having a heart attack in the middle of these holidays "explained the specialist.

In fact, the World Health Organization recommends physical activity between 30 and 60 minutes per day.

And December should not be the exception, since it is precisely the time of year when there is a high consumption of food and alcohol.

To live a Christmas in which harmony and joy reign, Prosperi recommends celebrating these holidays with health conscience and without any fear.

"It is alarming that the sedentary lifestyle has been acquired as usual in recent years, which translates into the absence of physical activity."

Jorge Prosperi, doctor

Standards when cooking

In an effort to avoid a visit to the hospital due to food poisoning, the Pan American Health Organization recommends correct cleaning of the food that will be served at Christmas Eve dinner, such as turkey, ham, pork or vegetables. They will be part of a salad.

In addition, when cooking, you should wash your hands frequently and should protect the kitchen from insects and rodents to avoid any contamination that could result from bacteria that could be transmitted to foods that will be consumed.

During the Christmas holiday, you may confuse raw and cooked food, a dangerous practice, as it can also expose food to severe poisoning.

It is also important to note the due date of these products when the ingredients needed for the Christmas banquet are selected at the grocery store.

The freshness of the products that will be served is important to take care of the health not only of the host of the Christmas Eve meal, but of your guests.

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