He thought it was a mistake, but his watch's alert saved his life.


The new Apple watch It comes with an unprecedented function. This includes an electrocardiogram (ECG) on your wrist and unlike previous models that only determined the beats, this new function It evaluates heart rate and function as well as medical examination.

This new feature, available only a few days ago, was the one that saved the life of a user of the Reddit social network, called "edentel". The anonymous patient says that he updated his watch (which activated the ECG function) and immediately started receiving abnormal heart rate reports: "Atrial fibrillation. You should talk to your doctor," the clock indicated.

The user performed a new ECG test and the ECG screen indicated the same message: "atrial fibrillation", he tried again and again and the device continued to show him the same message so he thought it was a software bug and ignored.

ECG Capture

The next day in the morning he put on his wife's watch and did an ECG test, "everything normal and I," atrial fibrillation ", the user indicated, so he decided to consult a specialist. Although he was about to return for not finding parking, "I looked at the clock and said" atrial fibrillation "again," Edentel said.

Once at the reception of the query, he asked with some embarrassment: "There is a new function of the clock, it's silly, but can we verify that?"

The comment made it a priority in the query. The doctor came into the room, looked at the screen and said "you must buy Apple shares, it probably saved your life". The doctor told him that he had read about the function and that he expected to see an increase in appointments, but he never expected to see it earlier in the day.

ECG performed by Reddit user at medical consultation

O Atrial fibrillation causes an accelerated and irregular heart rhythm, which causes a greater chance of suffering a cardiovascular accident because "the upper chambers of the heart work in a chaotic and irregular way, without coordination with the lower cavities," according to the Mayo Clinic website.

The anonymous user is already better, he was prescribed several medications and his heart rate and blood pressure were normalized.

Although the Apple Watch Series 4 is available in Chile, the ECG function is not enabled for use outside the United States waiting to be approved by the health agencies of different countries.


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