he says goodbye to him in his own trap


"In its own trap (ESTP) was a stage, eight years that were very intense, where I grew in popularity in front of people.I learned a lot, it was like starting anew in journalism, but the program is in a recess stage, because it needs to be updated.I do not know if it will come back. " Thus, Emilio Sutherland, from Maintencillo, where he is on vacation, confirms a rumor that occurred some time ago: the end of the justice program.

112 chapters were produced, reaching ratings above 30 points, all with a purpose: to unmask a Chile by many strangers, causing the delirium of a country that saw how the bad guys fell on television.

"It generated a love that attracts attention, people asking me not to expose myself so much, to take care of me." It was wonderful to do the show, but one cycle was completed in journalistic terms. good and beautiful, now we have to face new challenges, "he adds.

These challenges go hand in hand with the press area. There Sutherland will do "investigative journalism, because I would like to report, find out and have another project that I will do with the journalist Carola Fuentes, which will have to do with telling stories of extraordinary people, I am far from unmasking the scoundrels."

Rufianes that made him spend good and bad times (see box), making him the defender of the most destitute. "When we started, I thought we were going to last a few seasons, I never imagined what was achieved." There were some funny moments and some very difficult ones.I remember the Parinacota.After the shooting I spent a year with stiff muscles without raising my arms above mine was a very traumatic moment for the whole team. "

– What about that team? We knew there were layoffs. I met excellent professionals, very passionate, few times I saw people like this, I hope the channel does not lose all.

– Bothered the comment "why do not you mess with the big fish"? For me the trap had the realization of doing visible things that people do not know. Many colleagues told me that we were looking for small fish, but they were subjects who stole old-age pensions and did many bad things, so I said to myself: "How cool to report those little fish that caused the innocent death & 39 ;.

"Despite all the experience, how have you never been defeated?" Hahaha, and I never thought to respond with a coscacho, because I am a very peaceful person, although my team has suffered a lot.

– All that's left to do with ESPT? Many cases This is the impotence that I have left, there is a lot of irregular situation in this country that rages. There are many people who suffer injustice, that is why they appealed to us, did not feel heard by institutions like the courts and this is regrettable.


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