Monday , October 18 2021

He managed? Less than 90 pounds and has been operated 27 times to look like Ricky Martin


Fanaticism for idols often increases to levels never imagined. This is well-known Fran Marino, an Argentine who in 2009 became famous after participating in the trans-Andean version of "Question of Weight."

What struck the attention is that the young man of just 17 years already hallucinated in achieving a resemblance to the famous singer Ricky Martin, with whom he had an air, according to his closing.

Under this motivation, he began working his body to achieve a loss of 90 pounds to achieve greater resemblance to the singer.

But things got out of control later, in addition to the weight loss he got, he also got 27 cosmetic surgeries over the years to achieve a real resemblance to Ricky Martin.

"At 12 years of age, doing practical work for the school, they showed us what we wanted to be. At the age of 17 I made the first consultation with a doctor. I felt something was not right"Said the Argentine program" Los Angeles de la mañana "the young man who came to weigh 176 pounds.

He also narrated that his journey had many sacrifices, such as when his buttock was operated: "When I operated on my buttocks, everything hurt, I was facedown for 20 days and my tail was deformed," he said.

Here you can see some photos and see the result:

Instagram Fran Marino

Instagram Fran Marino

Instagram Fran Marino

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