"He has already made a sacrifice and there is still no agreement"


In the Admiral's environment, they are pessimistic about the negotiations, while at Monumental they hope to reach a point in common next week.

The negotiation with Julio Barroso by his renovation in Colo Colo was much more complicated than that of Agustín Orión., which reached an agreement in a few days after the end of the championship.

At first, the Admiral was around, when Marcelo Espina publicly expressed the interest of Blanco y Negro in renewing it. Then he got bogged down and started to listen to offers. The universities looked closely. Then he got closer and today they stood still again.

"He has already made a great sacrifice by dropping in about 40% to continue, but there is still no agreement with Black and White", they expressed close to the conversations with El Mercurio.

No Monumental, meanwhile, hopes to decide next week by itself or not. If the answer is no, they would activate Plan B with Sergio Vittor, from U. de Conce, running at the top.


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