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He explained the aesthetic change of Zelda in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

With each new delivery of Super Smash Bros. come aesthetic changes in fighters that have appeared in previous series iterations. Princess Zelda is no exception, but there is a reason that explains the changes that her appearance suffered, which, contrary to what many expected Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is not based on Zelda's Respiration of the Wild.

Link bases its design on the success of the last title released in 2017, but with the princess there was something that did not convince the man Masahiro Sakurai, the project's director, who thought it best to explain in detail the real reason for his choice at a Nintendo Dream magazine meeting.

"There was something that did not convince me …"

"When I knew everything about Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there was something that did not convince me … When I started thinking about how to do the Zelda of Ultimate Smash Bros. I knew it would not be the Breath of the Wild Zelda," he begins.

"From the base, Zelda from Smash Bros is a fighter princess who fights using magic; each Zelda character has been like this throughout the series. On this occasion, however, I made the decision to do a split: while the Link comes from Breath of the Wild and Ganondorf is from Ocarina of Time, in the case of Zelda I chose the design of A Link Between Worlds, "he continues.

But this decision is not trivial, but there is a clear reason: the aesthetics and personal tastes of the Japanese creative, who recognizes that he is very attracted by this design.

Her image [Zelda] Smiling in a connection between worlds is simply fantastic. A link between worlds included, I feel that your clothes and your personality in this game fit perfectly at this time. Taking more of the lady atmosphere of the recent games would have been tricky, so I decided to choose that bright and vivid version of Zelda, "he says.

All this, coupled with the brief comment that this time he wanted to escape the darkness of Twilight Princess, led him to completely turn this version of the exclusive Nintendo 3DS video game for many of the best two-dimensional Zelda of the entire saga. .

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