"He bought stocks that allow this"


The president of the Social and Sports Club Colo Colo said that the businessman of Syrian origin can resume the command of the concessionaire.

Anibal Meuse lost the black and white presidency in an unexpected maneuver of Leonidas Vial with Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, who returned to Colo Colo and to the maximum position of the concessionaire.

However, the businessman of Syrian origin walks in silence. So much that it could return the coup received.

According Fernando Monsalve, president of the Social Club and Deportivo Colo Colo until this Sunday, "What I have clear is that Hannibal Mosa bought actions that allow him to resume the directory.No one will avoid". This in dialogue with Al Aire Libre in the Cooperative.

He also added that "The conformation of the directory will be the same, but I can not venture into what they will solve."

In the new DT, he said that "What you have to look for is a serious project because Colo Colo does not have it. There is no infrastructure, minor series, soccer training, first team, administration, organization chart ".

Finally, he played with a name. "Personally, I like Mario Salas. He has identification with the Colo Colo, moreover, I like his way of seeing life and the issues of values. If you are looking for a job of three or four years, it is the right one, "he concluded.


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