Have breakfast this morning every morning, it will make you lose weight.


Eating this dessert every morning will make you lose weight: iStock

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If one of your greatest desires is chocolate, we have good news, because enjoying this delicacy has more good things than you think. That is why today we want to tell you more about the Benefits of eating chocolate every morning.

According to an investigation conducted by the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, chocolate will help you lose weight if it is part of a balanced diet, meaning you should not exceed 600 calories and combine proteins and carbohydrates in your diet.

According to experts, our metabolism in the morning is more awake and that is why the body can burn off all the calories consumed for a whole day. This is great news, as you will not only reduce your size but also avoid cravings.

To achieve these results, the researchers conducted the experiment on approximately 200 overweight men and women and those who consumed a diet for several weeks.

They were divided into two groups. The former was offered a reduced carbohydrate diet (not exceeding 300 calories during the first meal of the day); the rest he was offered one with 600 calories (divided between protein and carbohydrates, also offered chocolate cake).

Experts have found that adding desserts during breakfast, individuals lose weight more quickly.

So if you are starting a diet, remember that you should not abandon the consumption of desserts to lose weight, because restricting them will only increase your desire to consume them. Pay attention to the calories you consume and remember not to exceed them according to your weight.

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