Hasbro will bring a new figure of mercy for next year



This year has been very good in terms of merchandise related to the game of stars Blizzard, Overwatch. We have witnessed numerous announcements from Hasbro, LEGO and GoodSmile Company, and again Hasbro has come up with a new lineup of action figures.

A few days ago the official account of Overwatch on Twitter he reported that Hasbro would launch, in the spring of 2019 (Northern Hemisphere), a new line of articulated figures of the heroes of Overwatch, beginning with the community's most beloved support, Mercy

Hasbro's new series of articulated action figures will be called Overwatch Ultimates. The figure with which they will start this new series, Mercy, will have a size of 15cms. and will include his caduceus bat and the wings of his Valkyrie costume.

Not yet Hasbro or Blizzard revealed the price this new Mercy stock will cost, and they did not reveal when it will go into pre-sale or if it will be sold by the Blizzard Gear store because the guns Nerf Rival, D.va, Reaper and McCree from Hasbro, are only available at Gamestop and it is possible that this new articulated figure also arrives at that store first.


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