Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle would arrive in August


Harley-Davidson introduces its new all-electric motorcycle, due to be launched in August this year.

Harley-Davidson finally introduced its newest motorcycle after four years of development, called LiveWire A 100% electric motorcycle is expected to see the light of day in August this year.

But everything is not honey with flakes, since the price of LiveWire It will be $ 29,799 dollars. So if you want to race in style around the city on an electric motorcycle of the future, you better start saving now.


This motorcycle can reach a speed of 96 km / h in just 3.5 seconds, With a remote connectivity service so you can see the current status of your motorcycle, it also lets you know in real time if someone is doing something with you LiveWire

When accelerating, you may hear a special sound the electric power and give an even more futuristic look for the motorcycle. Because the engine makes very little noise, this will sound in its place:

The motorcycle can travel 177 km in the city with fully charged battery, after which you will have to charge it by normal charging or fast charging of cables up to level 3. Although not specified when the battery requires approximately a full charge.

Added to all this, the LiveWire It has traction control, ABS brakes, touch screen color for navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and like a cherry on the cake, has an integrated GPS system always knowing your exact location all the time.


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