Hantavirus victims in Chubut were infected on a birthday


The six fatalities per Hantavirus that spread in the city of Chubut Epuyén They were known for each other. Today it is known that there are 50 people potentially affected by the virus, who shared a birthday with the first person who contracted the disease.

Hantavirus victims in Chubut were infected on a birthday - image

All of them, including the deceased, are inhabitants of Epuyén and belong to the same family circle and friends. To date, 19 positive cases (counting the six dead), 8 were discarded, 1 suspect and 2 under observation.

But the biggest concern of this outbreak is the mutation of the virus transmitted by rodents and its transmission person to person. The doctor Teresa Strella He said that this contagion occurs "through close contact with patients in the initial period of the febrile episode between the first 48 and 72 hours."

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He also explained that "this is something extraordinary" and "we do not believe that the virus is more aggressive than in other seasons. There have always been cases of hantavirus in this time, as in other parts of the country." He also clarified that "all cases were registered in the city of Epuyén without having registered cases in others in the area."

As confirmed by the doctors in the area, it all started on November 24, during the birthday celebration of a teenager. There was a pawn that contracted the disease for having cleaned a shed. He infected the virus for his wife and also for the party.

Both he and his wife have recovered. However, the 14-year-old girl died. This happened on December 3 and the teenager was the first victim. As of that meeting, the other cases arose, so that about 50 people belonging to this circle were isolated, in a kind of quarantine.

As for insulation cases, the doctor Jorge Elías He said extraordinary measures of selective isolation were deepened. "We have identified each of the close contacts of positive cases and treated them in a personalized way." And then added that at this time remain with a respiratory isolation they carry on at home.

Hantavirus is a disease that originates in rodents, directly affects the respiratory tract of humans and can be fatal if not treated in time.

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