Guagua, 17 months old, was expelled by accident at Autopista del Sol


It was near 8:00 p.m. this Saturday night, when a serious accident in the section of the Autopista del Sol that passes through the neighborhood of Padre Hurtado, at km 19,2 in the direction of Santiago.

A clash between two vehicles ended with one reversed, leaving at least eight people injured. This is how Radio Bío-Bío reported, which also reported "A minor of 17 months of age who was ejected due to the magnitude of the impact on the accident."

The injured were transferred by emergency medical personnel to different health centers in the municipalities of Maipú and Peñaflor. Meanwhile, the site is already working to remove the vehicles involved to allow the Carabineros to carry out the necessary tests.

So far, the health status of those affected is unknown, but social networking users have reported high traffic to Santiago.


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