Government will pay more than $ 68 billion for the lease of four terminals for Transantiago | National


The Minister of Transport, Gloria Hutt, confirmed the lease of four terminals to Transantiago for more than $ 68 billion and assured that the deal was made based on "market prices." The Secretary of State will be summoned to the Senate to give details on the values ​​and the land.

68 thousand 426 million pesos will pay the State to rent by Nine years Four terminals for the Transantiago, which are owned by the Alsace and Express companies.

The number "scandalous and excessive" as qualified by some parliamentarians, but according to the Government, is consistent with the "Market prices". The largest terminal of 82,000 square meters, located in Maipú, will cost more than $ 3 billion per year.

Based on the commercial assessment – made by a company in 2016 for these lands – what really should be paid is a value close to $ 19 billion. With the new values, the State will pay more than three times the value of these terminals, in relation to its tax assessment.

The Minister of Transport, Gloria Hutt, said that these leases should have been made safeguarding the continuity of the and the operation of the services.

Possible summons to the Chamber Transport Committee

Given the background, the Democracy Party deputy bank will seek to have the Secretary of State summoned to the Transport Committee to detail these contracts. The same in the case of the Senate, as confirmed by the presiding judge, the militant of the National Renovation, Francisco Chahuán.

It is not the first time that Minister Hutt has been summoned to Congress to reveal portfolio-related values. In December of last year he had to attend for the transfer of $ 10 million to the Transantiago.

The former undersecretary of Transportation, Carlos Melo, criticized that the government do not have a plan to face such contingencies.

According to La Radio, the current Ministry of Transport did not carry out an assessment of these lands, but considered the market price of realtors and, based on the frustrated previous government bidding process, a payment limit of 0.037 Units was established of Promotion. per square meter. In this business, this year begins to pay U $ 0.097 per square meter.

The portfolio explained that these leases will be financed because will stop paying the terminal item to operators, which from the next tender, will not be owned by the companies. In addition, an impact on system finances was discarded.


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