Government proposes reduction of more than 80% in charges for mobile telephony


There is a fight on the part of the operators.

The Sub-Secretariat of Telecommunications of Chile (SUBTEL) presented its proposal for tariffs for mobile telephony, which would be up to 84% lower than what we currently have.

It is specified that the proposal is $ 1.4 per minute, with the current CLP of $ 8.76. For this, a model company was presented.

The above is the measurement parameter that operators must have in Chile and which, eye, would only operate under the 4G network.

This, according to Pulse, makes the proposals of Entel and Movistar, which are the two major players who put the cry in the sky, since its 3G network is not considered.

From Entel, they declare:

Today, although the predominant technology is 4G, there are a large number of 3G clients, so the network model company should be able to support 4G technology, such as 3G, and evolve into VoLTE, which is virtually non-existent today.

Remember that VoLTE refers to "Voice over LTE", so that calls are also made through this network. A technology that currently exists in Chile and that some operators have, but in a very limited way. It should be mentioned that Voice 4G, as it is also known, is much better than the current predominant system, for stability and clarity. This model must be implemented by mobile companies.

If there is any complaint or objection from the companies affected by this proposal, they have until December 1 to show their disagreement, which they will certainly do. This is because, inevitably, access to mobile telephony will be profoundly cheaper, something that should happen, since Chile is one of the countries with the highest rates, for example, the OECD.


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