Government confirmed delay in inauguration of Metro Line 3


On Saturday afternoon, the Minister of Transport, Gloria Hutt, reported the delay of the inauguration of the new Line 3 of the Subway.

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The operation of the line was stipulated for the first half of January, but due to an "agenda schedule", the date will be changed.

According to the cooperative's portfolio manager, the specific day will be announced next week.

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This announcement was made in the wake of the neighbors of La Reina, who accused irritating vibrations before the operation of the underground lines in the section comprising the station Fernando Castillo Velasco and Plaza Egaña.

Faced with this, the mayor of the commune, José Manuel Palacios, pointed to the previously named media, which expects line 3 "Get up and run with all the problems solved", Since it does not exclude request that the opening be postponed if discomfort continues.

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