God of War is the winner of the best BAFTA game of the year


The new installment of the franchise, God of War (2018), was the one that stood out at the BAFTA Games Awards 2019.

The game of Studio Apartment in Santa Monica He was the winner of five awards for the ten categories for which he was nominated. The awards he won were: Best Game, Best Sound Direction, Best Soundtrack, Best Screenplay and Best Performance. The latter took Jeremy Davies, which played the role of The weird.

The other nominations were Best Art Direction and Best Design. Other games that stand out are: Into the Breach, Old School Runescape, Florence, Return of the Work Dinn, etc.

"Creating something is really difficult, as we all know, it involves daily failures and constant doubts." "In the process, you feel that what you're doing may not be so fantastic, it's not so good," said Cory Barlog, creative title director , during the ceremony.

"But when we come to an end regardless of the outcome, how the audience gets it, everyone in this room knows the victory we felt for completing something, for contributing something to that wonderful industry," he added.


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