GobernaciĆ³n starts vaccination day for children and adolescents


From the Zuliano Child Foundationthe first fighter Jesica Lucena, together with the Single Health Authority, Omaira Prietobegan the National Immunization Plan of the Americas, which will be distributed in 13 municipalities prioritized in the region with the aim of providing well-being and to eradicate disease rates in children.

This day is held every year and is intended for children aged between 0 to 15 years.

Among the vaccines that will be placed are BCG, pediatric hepatitis, pentavalent, antipolymer, SRP, yellow fever, measles, rubella and diphtheria toxoid.

Lucena said that the day will be held from the May 13 to June 9 with the objective of eradicating measles outbreakHe also asked parents and representatives to vaccinate their children.

"We invite the community of Zulia to bring their children to be vaccinated, but it is important to keep the vaccination controlif that does not happen, certain questions will be asked so that they can be benefited, "he said.

During the development of medical care, it also included the participation of Somos Venezuela, Barrio Adentro Mission and the mayor of San Francisco, Dirwings Arrieta.

The epidemiologist Nelly Barboza He added that Venezuela is committed to meeting on this day, where it will strengthen routine program with the start of vaccination.

Barboza said that in health centers vaccines will also be applied, at no cost.


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