Global shares rise sharply following the launch of Huawei executive


The world's major stock markets see clear gains in renewed hopes for a trade agreement between China and the US. Added to that is the confidence among investors that UK Prime Minister Theresa May will be strengthened by the confidence movement in parliament.

The launch of Huawei's chief financial officer and China's breakthrough in its plan to cut fares on US cars from 40% to 15% were the main factors that boosted optimism.

Asia was the first region in the world to receive news of the daughter of the founder of Huawei.

After two consecutive days, the Tokyo Nikkei closed the session with a strong 2.15%, while Hang Seng of Hong Kong advanced 1.61% and CSI 300 0.34%.

In the United States, the Dow Jones closed down 0.64%, the S & P 500 rose 0.54% and Nasdaq rose 0.95%.

A WSJ note has contributed to the good mood of investors, saying that China plans to give more access to foreign companies.

"The launch of Huawei's chief executive is yet another sign of reconciliation on the part of Trump and with this, more optimism on the part of investors in relation to an agreement that allows the expected economic growth to materialize," explains the investment manager of Renta4. Arturo Frei.

The recovery of the North American market is also explained by the North American inflation of November, which registered zero variation.

Bloomberg Intelligence's chief stock strategist Gina Martin adds that as inflationary pressures are moderate, "it increases confidence that the Fed can change its strategy of raising rates to more moderate ones." This helps stock assessments. "

In this sense, the Dollar Index – which measures the performance of the currency against the world's six currencies – weakens 0.37%.

Gains are also seen on European stock exchanges. The Euro-Stoxx 60 – an indicator that groups the main companies of the Euro Zone – closed with 1.95% advance.

Meanwhile, the Cac 40 of France had an increase of 2.31%, while the Dax of Germany advanced 1.60%. In London, the FTSE 100 recovered 1.24%, and Spain's Ibex rose 1.35% and ignored the 4.86% drop suffered by Zara.

Zara reported lower-than-expected earnings in the third quarter due to exchange rate effects

The good performance of the old continent's squares comes amid concerns raised by Brexit, which were diluted by expectations that Theresa May would be strengthened by parliamentary vote on the confidence movement.

As analysts anticipated, May finally got support from the Conservative Party.

The pound rises among expectations that may be strengthened by the confidence movement

At the local level, the Santiago Stock Exchange was coupled with the good performance of the parades in the world and closed with an advance of 0.92%.

The oil market also picked up the positive signals from China and the United States. The US benchmark WTI is trading at 1.76% and is priced at $ 53 a barrel, while Brent is up 1.60% to $ 61.


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