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Get rid of Facebook with the best alternatives for the official application


If there is an application that has gone from essential to complement, or even unnecessary, that is Facebook. For the unhooking we suffered with the application joins the rise of Instagram. The Zuckerberg team can not help assimilating that we have Facebook, but we can do without it.

The contradictory feelings we have with Facebook scale down in relation to hate, whether it is about its official application. The platform created by the official developers is not well optimized and therefore has detractors. Facebook is still heavy and its use does not convince us. Sorry, Mark and company, but your app is the first one we deleted.

Alternatives to the official Facebook application

So far. Although we do not continually use Facebook, It's good to have it available for you whenever you want. It's uncomfortable to go through it, realize we've eliminated it, and we have to install it by pulling our data rate. This is over thanks to these Alternatives to the official Facebook application what we propose

Desktop version of Facebook Lite or Facebook

Facebook preferred to create Facebook Lite to optimize its official application. This option is completely safe because It was designed by the platform itself. Its only difference is that weighs less, loads content faster, and consumes less data. That said sounds attractive even to people with powerful terminals, but they prefer not to require as much to the phone when they use the social network.

Alternatives to the official Facebook application

Version: Varies by device.

Author: Facebook

Requires Variation according to device.

Size: Varies by device.

When we talk about the Instagram tricks, we have proposed an alternative that will also serve you with Facebook. This trick is ideal for those users with less powerful terminals and this allows us to use the main features of the social network. It's completely safe, and to get it you should do the following:

  1. Open Facebook in your browser your mobile device.
  2. click on the three points from the upper right corner.
  3. Click in "Add to Home screen"

Alternatives to the official Facebook application

Maki proposes to unite all social networks in one

Sunshine Apps has created something that we think could make life so much easier. Maki allows you to combine all of our social networks (up to 9) in the same application. The applications developed by different social networks are the heaviest, the ones that store more cache and those that delay our terminals. The idea of ​​putting them all together can be a viable solution for those with space or performance issues.

Alternatives to the official Facebook application

In addition, Maki has a plus that also seduces us. It has the dark mode and allows you to download Instagram photos and Facebook videos. If you join this, switching between networks is very convenient and simple, you just have to try.

The one that includes Messenger Lite: Folio

Users of the folio tested it and got it. They say that in Google Play comments. And is that the platform, reminiscent of the Lite version of Facebook, promises to solve the small problems of the official application.

It is faster and I spend less battery. But that is not all. With folio you do not need to install the official Messenger application because it already includes. Although it is the Lite version, it allows you to use it normally. It's something we celebrate fervently because it has always been a nuisance to have to install two applications, Messenger and Facebook, when none of them is precisely accurate.

Alternatives to the official Facebook application

It has happened to me on numerous occasions to see Facebook's application notification, but not to have Messenger installed. The dilemma between installing it or not, is over. Also, and this puts the icing on the cake, We can also change the color of the application. The blue is over, and now that we're at Christmas, what better than a red appearance?

Version: 3.2.04

Author: Folio Apps

Requires 4.4 and later

We stayed with Phoenix because it works perfectly

Phoenix convinced from minute 0. Its installation is very fast and in a few seconds we will have it available. And if something convinces us is because its careful design denotes that its developers wanted the user to have the best experience possible. If it was not clear, when we started to use it and we see that there are no ads throughAnd final.

Alternatives to the official Facebook application

A minimalist design (and achieve this with Facebook is a milestone), and much comfort. We could sum up Phoenix in this way. It does not matter if we click on an image, video or publication, it opens without delay. In addition, and as Folio, Also includes Messenger.

Alternatives to the official Facebook application

We can upload images, update our status and navigate without problems. And with so many changes to the official Facebook application, we wonder how the Zuckerberg team does not hear the screams of users clamoring for a less cumbersome app.

And although Maki and Folio also allow, like certain people, that interests them. Both and Phoenix allow you to ensure privacy through keys so that no one can enter the application without your permission.

Version: 2.6.1213

Author: Unimania.

Requires 5.0 and later

"An application to govern all of them": Friendly

We are sorry that we left the Friendly last. If we had put the first everything would have been new but still providing things similar to the previous ones, not bad.

Built as a extension to the Facebook site, but less heavy, also includes Messenger chat and the basic features of the official application.

The platform itself puts high expectations with its motto: "one application to govern them all". Not only because it includes Messenger, like the Maki, we can easily switch, from the same application, to Instagram, Twitter or YouTube among other social networks.

Alternatives to the official Facebook application

The Friendly feed is very similar to Facebook's feed and its configuration allows for a great level of customization. From selecting the times when notifications do not arrive, hide the stories or highlight news by keyword. With this last option, we can decide which publications appear first by simply typing a keyword. The same can be done to hide them.

Version: 3.1.02

Author: Friendly App Studio

Requires 4.4 and later

Metal to open Facebook while we use other apps

We want to make it clear that, at no time, this short list is translated into ranking because there is no hierarchy. All of the selected apps surprised us because they are well optimized and work very well. It's good to use them, even more than the official Facebook application. In fact, if we had to opt for one, the first one that would be left out is Facebook Lite, although it was officially developed by the social network.

Floating windows are useful when it comes to social networking. They allow us to be updated in a few seconds

Metal joins this list because it deserves it. IS the best option to use it while working with other applications. Open a social network is very good in dead time. One such moment may be while loading another application or game. Slide the notification bar click a notification and a floating window will allow you to use Facebook without obstructing your work.

Alternatives to the official Facebook application

It is also appreciated that these applications choose not to include advertising inside. They work faster and we do not waste time closing tabs.

Version: 9.0

Author: Nam Nghiem

Requires 4.1 and later

We invite you to try out some of these alternatives to the official Facebook application. You have a more or less powerful terminal, it will serve to check if a social network can be lightweight and not lose functionality along the way.

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