General Soto continues to give explanations at the congress: says the police of the case of Catrillanca made disappear in the bathroom the card of his camera


The highest official of the uniformed police assured the Senate Human Rights Commission that "the institution is not sent alone" and that it will collaborate with what the justice determines.

On Monday, Carabineros General Director Hermes Soto attended the Senate Human Rights Commission, where he returned to answer questions about the operation that culminated in the crime of Camilo Catrillanca on Wednesday, November 14, after the week passed to the Security Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and will reveal that Sgt. Raúl Ávila, one of the troops who recorded the operation and allegedly shot the tractor in which the young Mapuche was walking, destroyed the camera card because he had personal videos with his partner

Now, Soto further elaborated on the fate of the memory card, which can be vital as evidence to clarify the facts. Soto confirmed that the money got rid of the card. "He kept his card in his possession and broke it later and made it disappear by the bathroom of his house or from somewhere," he said.

Soto insisted on the commitment to justice that the police institution has and, in that sense, has ensured that they will take all appropriate measures to punish those involved. It is noteworthy that four non-commissioned police were dismissed while a colonel and a general resigned from the institution after these events.

"If we have to correct, we will correct, if we have to sanction, we will sanction and if we have to make them available to the courts, we will," Soto said. The general finally took care to emphasize that "the institution is not sent alone" and that it will not withdraw the contingent that has ready for the Araucanía area.


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