Fuel prices are low for the seventh consecutive week


O National Petroleum Company (ENAP) confirmed that benzene values ​​will drop again this week.

According to the Weekly Fuel Price Variation Report, the gasoline of 93 octane, 97 octane and diesel will have a decrease in its rates of 5.8 pesos per liter, leaving a price per liter of US $ 754.7, US $ 775.5 and US $ 576.3, respectively.

At the same time, kerosene (paraffin) will also have a drop in its price per liter of 26.6 pesos, leaving its value at 492.2 $ / lt. In case of liquefied gas, its price will have a reduction of 10.6 pesos per liter, remaining at R $ 220.5 its value per liter.

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With these changes, fuel prices are approaching the rates they had in mid-August, ahead of the long period of increases that led, for example, to 93-octane benzene to rise 50.3 pesos in 10 weeks.

According to the Minister of Finance, Felipe Larraín, the casualties will continue for another month: "Let's start in 2019 with cheaper fuel prices. Four weeks of minimal drop in cap that allows the system to soften the price of the fuel that is Mepco. This is good news. "

The detail of the price changes, below:


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