Wednesday , June 16 2021

Fuaaa! We're going to have a new Power Rangers fighting game


It's time to scream again "Morphosis friends!" Today's day Hasbro, Lionsgate and the study nay announced a new game of power Rangers. But it's not about any title, but about 2D fights.

The game will be called Power Rangers: Battle for the Net and will go on sale in PS4, Xbox One and Switch next April, and in PRAÇA in the following months. This will be sold exclusively digitally, although it has two versions: the standard that will cost $ 20 and the special, whose price is $ 40 and includes the first. Season Pass of the title. Within the latter are three additional fighters, an arcade mode of history and new skins.

In terms of content, the game will bring together several of the franchise's most iconic rangers and characters and will feature online gaming options and even cross-play between versions.

Source: Hasbro

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