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From being abused in a circus to living in a sanctuary: Elephant Ramba moves to Brazil

I went in 2011 when a group of activists started an offensive to rescind her Ramba elephant from the circus "Los Tachuelas", where I lived in a deplorable state of health.

Today is a new chapter in the story of Ramba and that In the early hours of this day my journey will travel to your new home: The Elephant Sanctuary of Cuiba, Brazil.

Ramba was rescued in 2012 from the circus and since then lived in the Rancagua Safari Park, a place that would not be your permanent residence. And since I was ever rescinded, I always looked for the best place for his final destination, among those who were evaluated in the United States, but finally settled in Brazil.

The Safari Park Veterinarian, Alonso Silva, explained that "Ramba has been a circus animal for many years, so we hope that you will be an animal that tolerates perfectly the transfer of this wingspan. Its state of health also accompanies so that it can realize this type of transfer ".

"It's not going to sedate because any animal that performs a transfer is dangerous and will do with sedation, even in a way. She is going with her five senses And if she had any behavioral problem she was administering some kind of drug that would make her veterinarian during the trip, "he said.

The Elephant Sanctuary of Brazil (SEB) team, an organization dedicated to rescuing these animals from the circus's cautionary care, as Ramba "you have numerous scars and abscesses in your body hechos with cadenas and hooks, but their body condition has improved since their relocation in 2012 ".

The trip will depart from Santiago at 3:00 am this afternoon and it is estimated that it will take about 36 hours to arrive by air and land until the Elephant Sanctuary of Chapada dos Guimaraes in Cuiba.

Ramba was the last elephant of the Chilean circuses and now, finally, travels for a better life.

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This is the tray that will have Ramba to live in a better place.

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