French was about to go to jail for stealing a PS4


Just as video games hold enthusiasts' exploits to break records and get as many consoles and titles as possible, there are also moments that refer to the craziness that some people are willing to compromise to win a platform. Recently the news was generated in France when a 19-year-old tried to steal a PS4 by cheating on the supermarket's price scanner.

According to a L & # 39; est Republicain (via Kotaku), a 19-year-old French citizen named Adel got into serious trouble with French authorities while trying to steal a PS4 from a supermarket. According to the information, last September the young Adel had the idea of ​​stealing a PS4 in a Montbéliard market and by his crime go unnoticed he took the box with the console to the area of ​​fruits and vegetables weigh it and generate a price tag that resulted in $ 10, obviously nothing to do with the $ 389 that would have to be paid legally. As you know, in some supermarkets there are boxes in which it is enough to go through a scanner to read all the price labels and generate the total; well, Adel did the same and left the store with a PS4 for which he paid a small amount. After seeing that his plan had been a success, Adel returned the next day and tried to do the same, unfortunately for him, the police were waiting outside the box section to arrest him for theft.

Following a lawsuit launched since September last year, the French authorities have decided to suspend the initial sentence for the 19-year-old, which included a four-month prison term. However, despite failing to appear to the public last week, it appears that the French authorities understood the case of Adel, who argued that he stole the PS4 to resell it for more than $ 100 and thus have money to pay a train to take home. So far, the sentence has been suspended and will be enforced only in case the juvenile commits another crime.

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