Fox climber ends his life


Detroit, United States.

"Our hearts are broken, we were told last night that our Jessica Starr took her life, her Fox 2 family is a deep shock and she can not believe such a wonderful, bright and intelligent woman is gone," wrote Amy Andrews. Fox announces the death of weather hostess Jessica Starr.

Starr, who was 35 and a promising career in the famed TV network, made the fatal decision to commit suicide, confirmed Fox2 Detroit, the news station where he worked.

The climate announcer, who was the mother of two children, had earlier announced that after returning to television after the birth of her son, she had been criticized for being overweight.

"We're in the eyes of the public, and you have to have thick skin to be in the media, that's just a part, and I agree with that, you can not like what someone's hair looks like today; makeup, costume, okay, that does not bother me, "he said in the air once.

Starr was a professional at his job when he completed two degrees of meteorology. On one occasion she commented, "But, I received a handwritten letter saying it looks like I'm going to give birth to an elephant, and it's not time for you to start your leave? [de maternidad]? And I think this is crossing the line. "

Last October, Starr had surgery on one of his eyes because he had trouble with dryness. "Yesterday was a fight for me.I really wanted to go back, but I need more time to recover.Please keep me in your thoughts during this difficult period.I will keep you informed," he said in his last post on Twitter for almost a month.

In the photos she sent to her social networks, she always seemed happy, smiling with her family and colleagues. So far, the reasons that have led the hostess to make a fatal decision within her home are unknown.


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