four fan creations inspired by Star Wars, Avatar or Dragon Ball really exceptional


Yes to the incomparable freedom it offers camera mode by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate we added the infinite combinations of the fighter Mii's editor, we have as a result an authentic mine of possibilities for the most creative. In fact, here you have a number of interesting examples of the sea.

Maybe you're in love Star Wars, although it is likely that you have not seen any of your movies. For practical purposes, the battle of Mustafar is one of the most iconic and recognizable memes on the internet: two Jedi fight to the death at the climax of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

The clash that sealed the fate of the Skywalker family transcended beyond the galactic saga and found a way to infiltrate Super Smash Bros. on more than one occasion. Initially we saw some scenes of the DjFrog909 tweet like what you will see below.


But what is really impressive is how the imgur Zaptagious user got the idea, created his own Mii Jedi and created a comic with the complete scene. Something that is not done in a very short time.


By way of comparison, here you can see the original sequence.

Avatar: the legend of Ai Mii

With a little more work, but the same devotion to the original material, from the Smash Grade channel, the opening of the animated series was recreated Avatar: the legend of Aang with Mii fighters and exceptional guests.

Again, we offer you the video with the original sequence, giving an extra value to the set.

Other honors to Smash Bros. that do not go unnoticed

Since its release, the Nintendero crossover has awakened the imagination of fans and artists from around the world. And if we saw the animated opening of the Nickelodeon series before, now it's time to see the Dragon Ball Super hand-drawn with a substantial change: the dragon warriors are replaced by the Smash Brothers.

Finally, we finished this review with a professional artist. All the creations are made with a huge work, of course, but Raf Grassetti, one of those responsible for the art of God of War, take the initiative to reimagine the fighters is something exceptional.

For now, you can see the renewed aspects of Link, Samus, Fox and Bowser. And we're clear they will not be the last.


In fact, we have reason to believe that the next one is blue and red. And it probably looks a lot like the movie that awaits us.


Today is a month since the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and had a very warm reception: five million copies in three days and the most successful launch of Nintendo at European level. And we do not rule out that he has destroyed a few more records since then.


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