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O landing of the NASA InSight probe on the ground of Mars It was one of the first challenges that had to be overcome, the second was the sending images of the Martian territory.

O first photograph of the so-called "red planet" was fulfilled eight minutes after it was armed in a successful way

After a journey of more than 458 million kilometers in space, The US Space Agency has confirmed the arrival in "perfect condition" of the instruments.

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After hours of technical work on Earth and preparations on Mars, the InSight probe was able to transmit a second image of the red planet, in which the scientific instruments "in their new home," according to NASA..

The agency explained that the solar panels of the device work successfully and, despite the unique conditions of Mars, convert light into electricity, a fundamental requirement for the success of the mission.

Over the next few days the NASA will control the robotic arm, use a camera to photograph the ground and decide where to place the instruments, to investigate the internal structure of the planet.

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