[Fotos] From "Pacto de Sangre" to "Las Catalán": Acosta and Espinoza began recording new television series


On Monday, the recordings of "Las Catalán", the novel the next night, co-produced by Channel 13 and AGTV and Vicente Sabatini. Tamara Acosta, Álvaro Espinoza, Cristián Campos, Catalina Guerra, Matías Assler and Daniela Ramírez. The production deals with the story of Dafne (Daniela Ramírez) and Rafael (Matías Assler), who know each other and fall madly in love, but they can not be together because they are both the children of Fernando Catalán (Cristián Campos). When Fernando died, the big secret was discovered: he had two families and both own 50% of the Catalan bakeries.



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