Monday , April 19 2021

Fortnite may face legal problems due to dance moves

Fortnite It is one of the most popular video games on the planet and its dances have become one of the favorite elements of its users, however, the company Epic Games can face legal problems by "stealing" choreography.

The rapper 2 Milly he accused Fortnite to take your dance steps "Milly Rock"- known in the video game as"Swipe It"- without his permission and is considering establishing a lawsuit after knowing that users should buy the" dance "if they wish by their character.

"Everyone was saying" Hey, your dance is in the game. "They really do sell that particular move, you have to buy it, that's when I really thought … this can not last for long" , he said.

He added, "I do not even want to attack them for all the millions they've earned, you know what I'm saying, it's not really like this, I just feel like I have to protect what's mine."

On the other hand, Chance or rapper He pointed out a few months ago in his official Twitter account that Fortnite must recognize the creators of the dances that are used in the video game and even suggested distributing the money they enter for a move among the artists who invented it.

"Fortnite was supposed to put the real rap songs behind the dances that make as much money as Emotes." The creative blacks created and popularized these dances, but they never sold them, so imagine the money that people are spending on these dances. Emotes being shared with the artists who made them, "public.

For its part, Epic Games, which has generated more than a billion dollars with Fortnite thanks to its 140 million users, did not comment, however, the "Swipe It" movement is no longer available.

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