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Former intendant committed "sexual abuse of surprise" against a garzon


O former mayor of the region of O Higgins Wladimir Román Miquel (former UDI, current activist of Evópoli) was formalized on Friday for the crime of surprise sexual abuse, which he perpetrated against a garzona of the Casino Monticello located in the commune of Mostazal.

The event – which took place yesterday afternoon – was registered in security cameras Román was playing in a machine and ordered a complimentary drink from a garzona, whom he sexually abused.

"The accused was touching one of the machines and requested a service from her, and at that moment he performs touches some intimate parts of the victim", explained the Assistant Attorney for Granaries, Javiera Oro.


The formalization hearing was held at the Bar Association.


The prosecutor said the former O & # 39; Higgins regional authority (2012-2014) was formalized for sexual abuse "by surprise", typified in Article 366, paragraph 3 of Law 21,153.

"He is a new figure, where he does not make demands that were made previously in cases of, for example, force, intimidation or threat of the victim," he explained.

The victim filed a complaint, so the former mayor of O & # 39; Higgins was stuck Thursday night by Carabineros.

"I'm guilty"

Through a message he posted to his Facebook account, the former regional president of UDI He acknowledged his responsibility in the facts, which he attributed to a mixture of alcohol and antidepressant medications.

"I'm guilty, I do not remember doing that, but the cameras do not lie."he admitted.


"I will try to get out of the fund," said the former UDI regional president.

"It is my responsibility not to have treated the depression that plagued me for a year and a half, mixing antidepressants with alcohol will never have a good result. Something that at one time could be a joke, today is not and I knew it (…) I did something very bad yesterday and as always I will assume the consequences of my actions"he wrote, promising that he would try to" get out of the way. "

Precautionary measures and waiver

The formalization hearing was held in the Barns Security Court, where the accused avoided talking to the press.

Judge Rubén Donoso imposed the precautionary measures of monthly subscription and prohibition of approaching the victim for a 60-day search period.

Meanwhile, the O Higgins Health Service He related that Wladimir Roman, who was Advisor to the Subsecretariat of Assistance Networks, presented on Friday resignation from office, which was accepted.

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