For silver the monkey dance: Raquel Argandoña joins Chileactores repeating La Quintrala | TV and Show


A few days ago TVN announced that it would repeat on its web platforms The Quintrala, the series remembered launched in 1987 and starring Raquel Argandoña

In production, Argandoña personified Catalina de los Ríos and Lisperguer, causing a great media impact for his interpretation, which consolidated it as an important figure in television and also gave him the nickname.

Since last Thursday, the first few chapters have been available on the site and on its YouTube channel, and new episodes are expected to be streamed this week.

After the return of production, the speaker Welcome he signed up Chileactors to manage your Actor's interpretation rights to the channelas she once said, "for silver, the little monkey dances."

Last Friday she attended the organization where they received her, even though they did not have an acting title. "I have been and they treated me wonderfully well, they have a fantastic house, they are very kind." They made me fill out a form, they showed me the dependencies, I invented gifts, they already registered me, "he told The Fourth.

Although he does not know how much value he will receive through repetition, he has assured that this does not bother him. "I do not know anything about it yet, but I did not sign up for it, it was not the end. I know they're going to give me back since 2010 and I was hoping to find out more because they told me they were going to call me and give me information, "he said of the values ​​that should have come from his former onscreen appearance.

As explained in Chileactores, "each interpretation is unique and deserves to be considered as a creation in itself. When an interpretation is recorded in audiovisual support, there are users who can profit from the emission of such creations ".

Law 20,243 states that "the artist and performer of an audiovisual work shall have the inalienable and non-transferable right to receive remuneration for any of the following acts that are practiced with respect to audiovisual media of any nature, in which their audiovisual performances are fixed or represented ".


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