Foods That Can Extend Your Life



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An international scientific team has found that daily consumption of 25-29 grams of dietary fiber is able to prevent the development of heart disease, diabetes and other dangerous disorders.

Experts from the University of Otago (New Zealand) and the University of Dundee (Scotland) have calculated that men and women generally consume an average of 21 and 17 grams of fiber daily, respectively.

To compensate for the deficit, it is necessary to have the habit of consuming foods rich in fibers. However, the fiber concentration is generally relatively low, so it is not so easy to obtain the minimum amount needed.

For example, to get 25 grams of dietary fiber, you should eat half a cup of oat flakes, a large slice of rye bread, a cup of cooked lentils, two apples with peel, a potato in the shell and a medium carrot.

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For many people, it is problematic to eat regularly like this, admits researcher Elaine Rush.

However, the recent study proves the unequivocal effectiveness of this diet. Based on the experiments and statistical data, the researchers concluded that for every 1,000 people who opt for a high-fiber diet, 13 deaths would be avoided and there would be six fewer cases of heart disease.

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