Fly High Karina: Viewers Are Shocked After New Death In Pact Of Blood | TV and Shows


Infarct was the chapter of this Wednesday in blood pact, and this is what everyone feared that happened in the worst way: Karina (Antonia Giesen) died at the hands of Benjamin (Álvaro Espinoza).

Let's remember that the doctor kidnapped her after confessing that he was the father of the son Daniela was expecting (Antonia Boman) and that she had given him 100 million not to say anything.

Before the revelations, Karina was a clear threat to him, that's why He decided to end his life almost as torture. After giving you several doses of medicines mixed with alcoholfinally the young woman died in the arms of its assassin, but not before being forced to write a letter.

From what was seen in the preview of this Thursday's chapter, Benjamin would have forced her to leave a missive stating his decision to take his own life.

The first to know Karina's destiny will be Dominga (Antonia Aldea), the one that goes to the house where the student's body was found, and found lying on the floor beside the letter, medicine and a bottle of alcohol.

Undoubtedly, this new death left the defenders of production impacted, who were shocked by the cold attitude of Benjamin, who has so far won the most vile title Blood pact.


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