Flu vaccine is safe for inpatients



Hospitalized patients who received the flu vaccine do not see an increased risk of outpatient visits or readmissions seven days after discharge, according to a Kaiser Permanente study (United States), published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings. & # 39;

The survey also shows that patients vaccinated at the hospital are also not at increased risk for fever or have laboratory assessment values ​​for serious infections.

In addition, the study concludes that 74% of patients who were not vaccinated during hospitalization also did not receive the vaccine throughout the influenza season and that 71% of the patients vaccinated during hospitalization were vaccinated at the hospital. the day they were dismissed.

"We know that influenza vaccination rates in hospitalized patients are low, often because of concerns the doctor has that the vaccine could complicate healing or delay hospital discharge," said lead researcher Dr. Sara Y. Tartof.

"Our results show that not vaccinating patients during their hospitalization may be a missed opportunity. At the moment, only 28% of patients who were not vaccinated prior to hospitalization are vaccinated before leaving the hospital," he added. the scientist

Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory infection that can cause serious complications, hospitalizations, and in some cases even death. Some people, such as the elderly, young children and heart patients, are at high risk for complications if they become infected.


The retrospective study looked at the electronic records of more than 250,000 patients older than six months who were hospitalized at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Southern California during any of the three influenza seasons from 2011 to 2014 with admission dates and High among September 1 and March 31 of the following calendar.

"The research supports what many physicians intuitively knew: vaccinating patients while they are hospitalized is convenient and, most importantly, safe," concluded a family physician at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, Dr. Bruno J. Lewin.

"Although there are contraindications, doctors should not hesitate to vaccinate patients against the flu while they are hospitalized," said the specialist.


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