Thursday , October 21 2021

first trailer and comparative against the PS4 version


It took so long to talk again about the promised Dragon Quest XI to Switch – remember that in Japan came out over a year ago on PS4 – made us have the worst. What will the appearance look like, what will be lost along the way and when will it be? Fortunately, your first trailer answers almost everything.

Beginning, this edition will add an extra letter to your title, changing its name to Dragon Quest XI S. An S that can mean several things, such as I know (Japanese Translator). Something that makes a lot of sense because, as you will see below, the inhabitants of this universe speak now.

Of course, what really charms those who have waited months (or years) for this adaptation is their appearance, which has very little to envy of issues already available, saving the respective resolution margins and details in the models.

The secret? Switch already surprised earlier with the results of the Unreal Engine – in Dragon Ball FighterZ, for example – with which the engine change of this delivery of the saga has not only been a visual success, but also facilitated its conversion to other platforms.

Something you can see in the following comparison of the one shown by GameXplain.

On the other hand, the other big question was partially clarified: Dragon Quest XI S will arrive in 2019, at least in Japanese territory. Square Enix promised to further specify the date in early January. Will the first Dragon Quest be released globally? We can only cross our fingers.

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