Fire in commercial building in Santiago mobilized firefighters


Fourteen companies of the Fire Department of Santiago (CBS) mobilized last Thursday to fight against a fire in a commercial building at the intersection of Matucana and Alameda, In the limit of the commune of Santiago with the Central Station.

Around 11 pm, flames affected several commercial facilities located on the first floor of the three-story building, which had already been hit by a similar incident in October.

O CBS Commander, Gabriel Huertadetailed for Cooperative that the nearly 200 volunteers had to work outside defensively due to a series of landslides inside the building.

"It was a structure that was already affected by a fire and because of this new fire is much weaker, there is much risk of collapse inside and we are working from the outside," he added.

The third floor was completely destroyed by the flames.

Once the fire is controlled, The firemen gave way to the work of debris removal and the opinions of relevant experts to determine the causes of the loss.

Traffic on Matucana Avenue is suspended, while the Alameda is suspended to the west as a result of the work of the Fire Department.

The vehicles may return to Alameda in General Velásquez.

With the light of day, the Owners of Assumptions Affected They arrived in the morning near the building to observe the damage.

"It is the second time that this building is burned within 40 days (…) The locals have total losses again. We were recovering (of the incident that occured in October), "he said. Amador Roa, one of the owners.


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