Finally! Mauro Icardi breaks the silence in the middle of his controversy with Inter with a sincere letter in his social networks


Mauro Icardi is not amused at Inter Milan. The Italian club took the captaincy of the team and was no longer called by the controversial statements of his agent and wife Wanda Nara.

The Argentine striker remained silent throughout the controversy and this afternoon published a letter written in Italian on his Instagram account:

"It is in one of the most difficult moments that true love is shown, it is in those moments that I decided to stay in Inter, with Inter, when I felt that with my goals I could help Inter to be stronger in many things. stronger than the problems of the Financial Fair Play, stronger than our difficulties, when there were many who argued that, as a team, we were not worth much at Inter with Inter.

And after all, I've always decided to stay. And for the love of those colors, I rejected offers that a professional player would hardly have rejected, especially under similar conditions. I played with physical pains that made me cry after the game and on the following days. But I always insisted on being in the field, even against medical advice. Because I could forget every pain in the field, with the sole aim of giving everything to help those colors. No Inter. With Inter. For the love of Nerazzurri colors. Because there is only one Inter. I showed my children that we should keep hope. I taught him that winning is difficult, but doing it with Inter has a unique meaning that only a true player can understand and feel. The eyes of my children do not lie.

I learned this love for Inter at home. I fulfilled my dream, I fulfilled the dream of all of us, Inter, returning to the UEFA Champions League, with the team of which I was captain. Because I always felt and transmitted love through these colors.

I have always disapproved of those who tried to leave the club at the first opportunity. I respected the fans, my team mates, the club and all the coaches who passed during my stay. I joined the club, both on and off the pitch, at the insertion of each new player. I know what love is for Inter, and Inter fans know that because they saw how I suffered, I cried, I fought and I finally took advantage of those colors. No Inter. With Inter. All the sacrifices were made for the love of these colors and respecting all.

I do not know if at this moment there is love and respect for Inter and for me by some who make the decisions. I do not know if there is anyone's desire to act and resolve things solely and exclusively for Inter. Many things can happen in a family, good or bad. And for love you can stay very, everything. But respect must never be lacking. These are my values, these are the values ​​I have always fought for. In my story In Inter. With Inter. "

This could be the end of the romance between the club and the player, and that could mean his return to court or his final exit from Inter.

The termination clause of Mauro Icardi is 110 million euros. An affordable value for the powerful in Europe.

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