Finally! Five people won the historic lotus pond


After 42 consecutive unbeaten draws, on Tuesday, finally, five people guessed the six Lotus numbers that today were distributed in their 10,300 million pesos.

The numbers drawn on Tuesday are 4, 9, 10, 14, 27 and 29 it's him wildcard is 35.

According to the agency, each winner will receive 2,133 million pesos, while the agencies where the winning packages will be sold will get 2%, or close to 40 million pesos.

Polla Chilena confirmed that the winners were registered São Fernando, Iquique, Cerrillos, Quinta Normal and a person who bought the card over the Internet.

They are joined by a person who won the "Ahora Sí Que Sí" in Quillota, which takes almost 300 million pesos.


The prizes and the number of winners.

Photo_00000018The winning numbers of the historic lottery 4287.


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