FFVII Remake: Tifa's breasts were "regulated" by the ethics department


Final Fantasy VII Remake, was one of the most anticipated games at E3 2019, so "half confirmed" their pre-order data, which exceeded sales, during the E3 2019, of the prepaid cards of Playstation and Xbox, one of the great surprises that brought the fair was to know a little more about the mechanics of this game and also what many fans wanted to know the final design of Tifa, but there was something different from what was remembered in its original version.

The front of one of the companions of Cloud became a topic these days, after the last trailer shown Final Fantasy VII Remake at the E3 2019, in a recent interview Tetsuya Nomuracreative director of videogame Square-Enix, he held an interview with the site Famitsu (via Eurogamer), in which he explained that in the company there is a department of ethics, which guarantees the correct ethical development of the video games that are developed there, and that they would have explicitly "regulated" the breasts of Tifa, to make her feel more at home . context of action.

"Tifa should not look" unnatural "during the action scenes, as the ethics department pointed out," It was necessary to restrict your chest. "For developers, modernizing Tifa's design meant giving a more athletic look and maintaining their original clothing, so his chest was "restricted." This resulted in black underwear and a tight shirt for the remake. "

Another of the revelations that were confirmed during the interview in Famitsuis that the scene of the Honey Bee Hostelat where Cloud ends up dressed as a woman, according to the developer, this scene will be presented in Remake, however, has a more "modern" touch, did not go into detail, but it seems that for those who expect to see "Cloud Trapito", Their wishes were heard by the developers of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Anyway, over the next few months, Square-Enix promised to show more gameplay and give more information about the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake market on March 3, 2020, for the Playstation 4 (For a while).


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