Saturday , October 23 2021



A new precedent could have added the case of Fernanda Maciel, the 21-year-old woman disappeared in February this year in the municipality of Conchalí.

It is about a new address that would have been registered by the same girl in November 2017 when carrying out an administrative procedure.

As disclosed TVN, Valentina, Fernanda's sister, had access to an e-mail sent by AFP in which she showed the updated data.

It was then that a new registered address in the region of Valparaíso, and not from the street Puntiagudo de Cochalí, where he always lived.

The address is in Rua Las Heras, in the forestry sector, in Viña del Mar, where there is a plot of land with rental houses for students, according to one of its owners.

Meanwhile, another of the owners said it could have been a scoping of name, since in Valparaiso there is a street of the same name.

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