Thursday , May 13 2021

“Femetech”, health and bienestar technology especially aimed at women

Femetech is the abbreviation for “female technology”, a term that was originally coined in 2016 by Ida Tin, creator of the application Clue, A menstrual calendar that allows women to take a record of their ovulation and cycle, plus options to include weight, mood, energy, hours of bleeding and bleeding.

Today the concept is associated with startups (the lucrative endeavors) that seek to position female health and welfare issues across platforms such as mobile applications, software, digital services and a wide range of technological benefits for women.

A segment that goes with it and that has motivated creative women to explore the red for profitable and thus benefit their users. According to Frost & Sullivan's research and consulting firm Clue It's gone so well that the app is expected to have a market value of 50,000 million dollars by 2025.

Some related enterprises femetech:

Woom Fertility: Data-based app that provides personalized recommendations to maximize embarrassing possibilities.

Elvie: company that offers pelvic swelling devices and leche extractors.

FitBit Charge 2: pulse that monitors your sweating cycles, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled

B-wom: App for the health of the woman, coach for the intimate health. It offers videos and exercises, besides articles with curiosities.

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