Fátima Pérez: the woman who could be burned alive in the sunlight


Her rare condition was unknown, so she went through various treatments that only affected her health

What would you do if the sunbeams Could they kill you? Although it seems crazy, this is the case of Fatima Perez, a 54 year old woman from the Dominican Republic, who has been isolated from the world for his illness.

According to information from the specialists who treated it, Pérez was xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), a strange genetic condition that affects the skin. Very strong and disabling pains are some of the problems patients face if they are exposed to artificial or ultraviolet rays.

I can not leave the house, even if the day is cloudy. The lights in my house are out because they hurt me, too. It's an evil that nobody should have "

The affected created a page and made known its history. In addition, your goal is to raise awareness about the disease and to help people who suffer from it.

In 1998, when doctors still did not know much about the condition, I did several experimental treatments that only harmed my health. One of the radiation treatments caused severe burns to the skin, "you can read in one of his publications.

In addition, he reports that he has lost his eye. Desperate for her situation, she traveled to the United States hoping to find help.

Fatima Perez always wears gloves, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen and a coat that weighs more than two kilos to avoid suffering any damage from the sun.

Now she works on a foundation she has created called the XP Light of Hope Group, which seeks to help people suffering from the disease, especially those who do not have many resources.

With information from The Debate, The Truth and Spark

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