Father of Camilo Catrillanca: "The President did not understand what we said to him" | National


Marcelo Catrillanca, the father of Camilo Catrillanca, the communal mapero killed in a Carabineros operation, criticized the government for removing the personnel of the GOPE from La Araucanía, but to reinforce the personnel of the Special Forces.

"The President (Sebastián Piñera) he did not understand what we said to him ", said in the Austral of Temuco.

"He says I'm going to withdraw the Jungle Command, but it will strengthen with another contingent, which does not speak well of a country that wants development. After they made a gesture of goodwill, there are just, probably, we will talk to them, "he added.

One of the requests of Marcelo Catrillanca is that the school where his son studied is once again a school and is no longer the headquarters of the Carabineros in Pailahueque.

"We are saying that that high school has to go back to the Mapuche nation because there they were educating the young, so today it has been shown that the president wants to continue militarizing the region and the commune of Ercilla, "he said.


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