Fasten your belts: present an economical alternative to supersonic aircraft


The Boom Supersonic start-up has received an investment of 100 million dollars in recent days. This would accelerate the creation of an aircraft that seeks to reach a speed of two thousand kilometers per hour.

Overture is a project of the Boom Supersonic company, which aims to create an aircraft with capacity for 55 passengers which would reach the New York-London route in 3.5 hours. The prototype is closer and closer to its realization. That's because a few days ago the company received an investment of 100 million dollars.

"This new fund allows us to advance our work on Overture, the first economically viable supersonic aircraft," said Blake Scoll, president and founder of Blomm Supersonic.

XB-1 is currently being assembled. This scaled-down version of these aircraft should be available in March and begin testing this year. Among the future customers who buy this new technology are Virgin Group and Japan Airlines. Both ordered in advance a total of 30 Overture models. That would go into the market only in 2023.

What are the benefits of supersonic aircraft?

"Our interest in Bloom is driven by the vision of creating better human connections and emphasizing a natural and cultural experience through eco-design," the statement said.

In this way, the machinery would try to be environmentally friendly. Because the advances in aerodynamics and engines managed to get the carbon mark is similar to that achieved today by business class airplanes.

On the other hand, Scoll has assured that the supersonic spacecraft they will develop "will eliminate the barriers that prevent us from traveling the world". Today, the time and cost of travel for long-distance travel does not allow us to approach people and distant places.

These characteristics of Overture were not present in the first supersonic version that was launched in 1969. The Concorde, a plane built by the French airline Aerospatiale and its British counterpart, the British Aircraft Corporation, tried to revolutionize the world. But the high costs involved in its manufacture, the emissions produced in the ozone layer, the air pollution caused by the noise it caused and the high ticket prices, caused its ruin.

Bloom promises to solve all the problems that the Concorde had and that forced him to leave the rails in 2003.

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Initially, Overture is expected to have an initial cost similar to what the business class has today. However, in the future, it should have a more affordable value.


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