After this Monday it was known that the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA, for its acronym in English) condemned to withdraw boxes of Chilean fruit from the market for alleged contamination with listeria, during this Tuesday associations and companies involved in the export of this fruit delivered its version of what happened.

They ensure that everything is about one preventive measure" is that no problem some for consumers. "

"As part of the safety and certification protocols that exist in the processes of receiving and processing our fruits, the company Subsoleon its factory floor located in Isla de Maipo (…) there was a detection of a possible presence of listeria in a fruit stone process, belonging to the exporting company Golden River"Says the statement.

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"As a consequence of the above, and in accordance with current international procedures and in case of possible contamination, the company Subsole informed Rio Duero, who voluntarily informed the FDA authorities about this situation", To be continued.

"Together with information and as a preventive way for the consumer, the company has ordered the withdrawal of a quantity of fruit which is completely known and limited from the market (…), although no affected consumer has been informed or detected at the destination.", Specifies the document.

"Samples of routine self-management performed before and after the initial initial detection produced results without the presence of listeria, which allows us to infer that it has been an isolated and isolated case, which has no problem for consumers, foreign and national, "he concludes.

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This communication was issued and signed by the Federation of Fruit Producers of Chile, the Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile and companies River Douro and Subsole.

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