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Experts advance new heat wave from February 1 | National

Until Monday, the heat wave alert issued by the Chilean Meteorological Board will be in force, which made it feel strongly from the region of Coquimbo to Ñuble, with temperatures above 35 degrees.

Saturday saw the record high of 40 degrees in the region of Valparaiso and almost 39 degrees in the metropolitan region.

On the last day, "in all regions it will be one degree less, although on February 1st we will again have an increase in temperatures, and do not rule out very high temperatures in the central area," said Meteorological Meteorology Director of Chile, Edita Amateur.

"You do not have to expose yourself to the sun, and if you do, take precautions: moisturize a lot, wear the right clothes, wear a hat and all kinds of action that supports your health better"

– Miguel Muñoz, director of Onemi RM.

In this scenario, it is common for high temperatures to increase the occurrence of forest fires. In fact, during Sunday occurred more than 80 incidents, where the most important occurred in the regions of Valparaiso and Bío Bío.

In Casablanca, the situation triggered a Red Alert and left more than 200 hectares of pasture, cerrado, native trees and eucalyptus trees.

"We have had an early warning because of the high temperatures where we have had many fires so far. However, we have had a slightly lower occurrence of fires compared to previous seasons," said Aida Baldini, forest fire protection manager at Conaf .

Meanwhile, for this Monday is expected a maximum temperature of 34 degrees in the metropolitan region. Onemi's director at RM, Miguel Muñoz, made recommendations to protect himself from high temperatures, such as "do not expose yourself to the sun." And if that is the case, take precautions: hydrate yourself a lot, wear the right clothes, wear a hat type, and all kinds of actions that support better health. "

In short, the heat wave will remain during this day, although – in any case – in the following days it is expected that the maximum temperatures will fall only to 30 and 31 degrees in the central zone.

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